Blower Purge Desiccant Compressed Air Dryers ( ZP Series)



ZP Series Dryers ZP Series Dryers

Produce 100% Efficient Air Systems

Compressed air users rely on Deltech to provide compressed air treatment solutions for applications around the world. ZP Series dryers improve air system efficiency by the use a dedicated axial blower, in stead of a percentage of dehydrated purge air, to regenerate the off-line desiccant tower. ISO 8573-1 Class 2 ( -40oF / -40oC ) dew point performances guaranteed from 14.1 to 121.76Nm3/min

ZP Series Reduce Energy Consumption ZP Series Reduce Energy Consumption
ZP Series dryers are 100% efficient at delivering full supply-side compressor capacity. Therefore , users benefits from the ability to purchase a less expensive air compressor and , a 20% reduction in compressor operating cost.
Engineered Efficiency and Performance Engineered Efficiency and Performance
  • Energy Management System (EMS)
  • Advanced microprocessor – based control saves energy by regenerating only when necessary
  • Soft-seated check valves for tight shutoff and durability
  • Low-watt density heater saves energy and prevents premature desiccant aging
  • Butterfly pneumatic valves / actuators provide power and durability
  • Quiet, energy efficient, high-capacity blowers
  • Tower filled with extra, industrial-grade activated alumina to deliver superior performance