CKD Refrigerated Air Dryer – GX8200 Series

Ecological compact dryer GX8200 Series

New refrigerant R-134a, R-410A and R-407C to prevent ozone destruction is used in CKD refrigerating type dryer GX8200 Series. Introduce the all new GX Series!



Stainless steel heat exchanger compatible with oil free compressed air
  • Outstanding corrosion resisitance
    GX3108 | GX5103 to 5108

    The stainless steel plate heat exchanger provides outstanding corrosion-resistant, preventing refrigerant leaks and rust formation.
    GX3111 to 3137 | GX5111 to 5137
    A stainless steel vessel is used, and refrigerant piping is configured from spiral fin tubing free of brazed sections.
  • All models compatible with high pressure
    Standard specifications, max. working pressure 1.6MPa, are provided for all models.
Outstanding corrosion resisitance
Ensuring reliability with forced drain
  • Eliminating problems during drainage
    Drainage is forcibly ejected by the dryer’s air pressure, leaving pipes unclogged. Reliability is greatly improved using a direct-acting solenoid valve.
  • Air loss prevention
    GX3111 to 3137 | GX5111 to 5137

    Drainage discharge time is controlled based on inlet air temperature. Air loss is prevented. Solenoid valve operating frequently drops with inlet air temperature, extending solenoid volve life.
Eliminating problems during drainage
Highly efficient daily inspections
  • Operational status of the dryer is easily checked by the electronic dew point monitor in the operation panel.
  • Central control in the plant is possible. (Option)
    Centralized control is realized at the factory using remote operation and by reading out run/error signal output.(*GX3108 and GX5103 to 5108 allow output of running signal only.)
  • Dust filter equipped
    Dust filter for the capacitor is provided as standard. Mounting or removing the filter is also easy.
  • Easy to remove front panel (tool not required)
  • This is available for various power voltage (option)
    The built-in transformer eliminates the need for a standalone or external transformer, free extra space.
Highly efficient daily inspections

There is an increasing strictness in the quality control of compressed air to meet various needs, such as high flow rate, high cleanliness, low noise and efficient energy savings. CKD is earnestly increasing and enriching the variety of peripheral system components and cultivating new needs by making the best of its rich achievements and knowledge related to the development and manufacture of clean air systems. These systems include “F.R.L. Units” and “Refrigerated Air Dryers, Zero Aqua G Series” with zero coefficient of ozone disruption, and pneumatic auxiliary components.