IHI Compressor – TRE Series (Available in 3 Stage Compression)


– 2-4 stage centrifugal compressor.
– All in one package with high efficiency.
– Covering a wide range, from 300 to 1060kW / 400-1420HP


Motor Size 375kW-950kW 500-1,266hp
Flow Rate 3,600-10,550m3/h 2,118-6,209cfm
Discharge Pressure 0.2-1.6MPaG 30-230psig
Dimensions Length 4,100-5,200mm
Width 1,950-2,300mm
Height 2,000-2,800mm
Weight 8,300-13,500kg
  1. The above tables display flow rate ranges at typical discharge pressures.
  2. Flow rate (m³/hr) is converted to compressor suction conditions as indicated below.
  3. Reference conditions:
    • Atmospheric pressure: 0.1013MPa (abs.)
    • Suction pressure: 0.0993MPa (abs.)
    • Suction temperature: 35°C
    • Relative humidity: 80%
    • Cooling water inlet temperature: 32°C
  4. Flow rate is measured at inlet point.
Schematic Schematic